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Police woman Rachel Evans has been watching the local mafia chapter undercover for quite some time, and she's getting close to making a bust. So, knowing they'll be at Daria and Lexxis' night club today, she calls her boss Frenky to tag along as a couple and gather more information on the dangerous thugs. However, as soon as they enter the place Rachel realizes that her boss is corrupt and in fact good friends with the mafia guys. In any case, she has to play it cool and join them all for drinks, well aware of how these guys can get any woman they want no questions asked. It's about this time that Daria and Lexxis return to their club, and they're surprised to see the whole crew sitting around, including their two showgirls Virus Vellons and Kate Gold. There's still an issue of money as far as the mafia guys are concerned, but taking into account the action that just went on ""as payment"", the group discussion quickly heats up until they all say fuck it and engage in an amazing eight-person piss orgy that ultimately satisfies them all - problem solved! And, in the unbelievable final scene, two of these dudes have to prove themselves as the ultimate piss lovers - you'll have to see it for yourself to believe it!! George has brought a delivery of goods to Gigoia Biel's restaurant, so she comes out and introduces him to her new employee, Cameron Gold, who is going to check over the inventory and make sure everything is okay with the order. Gigoia should know better than to leave a blonde hottie in a sexy satin outfit alone with the very sleazy and horny blue-collar George, but she's a busy woman so she leaves them to it. Well, they do indeed 'get to it', but it has nothing to do with counting boxes or stamping invoices - nope, George has decided that he's going to be the one checking out the goods, and being the sleazy player he is, it only takes a few quick words before she lets him fondle her smooth outfit and designer boots, and get well acquainted with her sweet ass almost exploding out of her pantyhose. At this point they're both so turned on that the clothes get pulled aside and the fucking begins, but within minutes Gigoia enters the scene with the intention of checking on their progress, but when she sees what they're up to she forgets all about work and joins the fun, piss action and all until the double facial - now that's teamwork! When you've got two amazing women like Roxyn and Lena Cova walking around your interior design shop, you know it's gonna be a great day if you play your cards right. While our lucky designer is helping the lovely, satin clad Roxyn figure out some design plans, Lena Cova is patiently waiting, watching the attractive duo as they deal with their business. After just a few minutes, however, business turns to pleasure when Roxyn starts pulling off the dude's pants. Hey, he ain't gonna stop it, even if Lena can clearly see what these two exhibitionists are up to. After all, he can see that Lena is turned on, especially as she starts playing with herself until she can't take it anymore and has to join in on the action. No objections there! At this point it's on, and they soon realize that in addition to hardcore fucking they're all down with the golden showers and piss drinking as well! Nothing can stop the pissing in action at this point and it gets fucking nasty! By the end of this ordeal everyone's soaked in piss and no one gives a shit about interior design! Bob's got an appointment with executive Eurobabe Eva, but as she's unavailable at the moment he has to wait in her secretary Kayla La Rouge's office. He's definitely not happy about this, as he's in a hurry, but at the same time he's very drawn to this sexy, satin clad secretary, and he figures it doesn't hurt to conjure up a bit of ""office romance"" during the wait! Kayla hesitates at first, but Bob and his cock do a mighty fine job of convincing her, and soon enough she's on her knees sucking away at Bob. However, as always seems to be the case, Eva walks in on them and is understandably startled by what's going on outside her office door. No harm, no foul, though, and before she knows it she's is getting pissed on - and she loves it! It's not the meeting any of them had planned for, but this Pissing In Action scene definitely breaks the ice and turns out to be the most fun, productive meeting any of them have ever had! High fashion, high action, and loads of piss fun, this is the one and only! Celine Noiret is a classy woman with a nasty thirst for all things Pissing In Action, and in this update she's in an elite bar with a patron and a bartender that are worthy of her attention. Money's not an issue for Celine, so when she wants something she makes it happen in that seductive, executive fashion that exhilarates her so much. She hands the bartender a nice chunk of money as her pawn to bring Kristy Lust over to her couch, and Kristy is certainly intrigued enough to hop her sweet ass over towards Celine, but Celine has more sinister plans running through her mind. Very quickly the real plan is exposed: Celine has every intention for the bartender to be involved, specifically for her two new puppets to fuck right in front of her, warming up her pussy until she's ready to step into the mix herself and start piss fucking in the middle of the bar. Celine may have class on the outside, but on the inside she burns for a nice shot of piss deep down her throat as she and Kristy get the proper fucking she paid for. Argentinian exchange student Tera Joy, looking sexy as hell in her leather boots and miniskirt, has just arrived to her host family's house in the Czech Republic, and from the moment she steps out of the van there are problems. Daria Glower, the blonde wife, is instantly jealous of this spunky little cutie who's about to call their home her own for the next few months, especially since she can see that her husband is giving her a little too much attention, visitor or not. Well, her concerns are quickly realized when she catches her bastard husband and Tera fucking away right in the living room, and what's worse? She smells piss! Yep, the ?loving? husband wanted to initiate Tera to the Czech style of sweet piss loving, and while Daria is initially upset, she finds herself getting more and more turned on by the smell of the piss clinging to Tera's leather clothes, so after a mild fuss she joins in on the pissing in action until both babes are covered in cum and piss. Maybe this new situation can work out after all....

Pepper and her man have come to see their friend Kia Winston, who they haven't seen in quite some time, and after the initial greetings Pepper's boyfriend excuses himself to go the the bathroom. Once Pepper and Kia are alone together the mood changes from friendly to VERY friendly, with clothing compliments quickly turning to touching and more. When the guy comes back into the scene he's surprised, but not at all bothered by what's going on. In fact, he encourages it, and has a secret weapon to add to the mix that he knows these two freaks will love - piss! He whips it out on the staircase and give the girls a serious golden shower, filling up their mouths as they're making out. Apparently he didn't find the bathroom, but no regrets there! There's only one place to go from there, and that's straight to the hardcore piss fucking! Both Pepper and Kia get their fill of both cock and piss, with each of them adding some of their own piss to the fun. There's only one way to describe this debauchery: Pissing In Action! Kinky Eurobabes Daria Glower and Liss White star in this elegant yet very hardcore Pissing In Action scene that proves to the world just how much that love that sweet piss! Both of these amazing women look fantastic in their satin blouses and skirts, as well they should since they're celebrating some good news with their friend Frenky. However, dolled up nicely doesn't mean they have to be good girls at all. In fact, as soon as Frenky becomes occupied with a phone call, these two crazy cats take it upon themselves to start the real festivities, and that means sharing their piss with each other! It starts out innocently enough, with some sensual, fully clothed piss play, but as soon as Frenky returns to the scene and sees what's going on he can't help but to join in and unleash his piss fury all over his two hottie friends in a piss fucking scene that leaves these two lady's pussies well satisfied and everyone drenched in piss! Hardcore and classy piss sex that only can bring you! The mood is calm and quiet in the pizza restaurant this afternoon - a little too quiet for Kate and Virus Vellons' taste, and while they're fairly content with their pizza and wine, they both know there a few ingredients missing that could really satisfy them both - the unsuspecting chef and a whole lot of pissing in action! As soon as the chef is at the table, Kate wastes no time reaching for his cock and letting him know that he's the ""special of the day"" for her and her hot Eurobabe friend! Trying to retain some sense of professionalism, the chef initially hesitates at Kate's advances, but resistance is futile when it comes to these babes, so within a few minutes he's banging away at them right on their table! It's a chef's secret fantasy come true, but his fantasy is taken to all new levels when he discovers that both of these babes are total piss freaks and love nothing more than taking a golden shower while getting their pussies abused! If this tip isn't enough, we don't know what is! Celine Noiret and her man are hangin' out at the bar, and they've spotted something that they have to have - namely, the lovely Efrona, who's sitting at the bar next to them. However, she's playing the bookworm, ""hard to get"" type, so Celine and her man decide that some shots are needed in order to loosen up the atmosphere a bit. Efrona resists at first, but deep inside she's down for a good time, and after glugging some of that liquid courage down she finds herself on her knees and getting some help from Celine in sucking her man's cock. Efrona starts out slowly, but soon enough she's in the mood for fucking, and very quickly she learns that if she wants to party with this crew she has to be down for some of that golden shower piss loving as well! Once all systems are good to go the bar becomes the background for one hell of a fully clothed pissing scene, and staff is definitely going to have to come out at some point and mop up the insane piss mess they make all over the place! Pepper is going out with her girlfriend Ally Style and Jaydee is disappointed that she's giving her more attention than him, but he can be a persuasive guy, and while she's getting herself nice and made up in some sexy satin Jaydee grabs her and pounds her right on the bed! Pepper's not one to refuse action for long, and with that cock porking her she lets go and has a great time without a second thought. Sure enough, Ally enters the room and sees what's going on, and while she's a bit jealous she likes what she sees and it gets her in the mood. When Jaydee realizes he's busted he quickly moves aside, and Ally uses that opportunity to take Pepper for herself right in front of him. Jealous, rock hard, and ready to go, Jaydee can't stay away for long and decides his grand entrance into the threesome will be to piss all over both of these beautiful Eurobabes, on their faces, into their mouths, and all over their clothes! This is when the Pissing In Action threesome fun truly begins!! Gioia Biel and Katy have found themselves alone in the locker room, and while they've just dolled up in their fancy outfits instead of stripping down, that's more than enough for these two lesbo-curious hotties to catch eyes and start getting sensual. The scene quickly turns hot as these two Eurobabes rub each other's smooth satin clothing and pussies, and as it turns out, they're not alone. A very lucky guy stumbles upon the action at hand, and while at first playing the role of a peeping Tom, he knows he has to get in on the fun, and Gioia and Katy have no problems throwing some cock in the mix, especially when the guy is busting for a piss! In fact all of these freaks are, and before long the threesome fun has turned into an all out Pissing In Action romp that's going to require a major cleanup in the locker room! These horny piss lovers couldn't even make it to the showers! For the best in piss action the only place to be is!

Rachel La Rouge and her Eurobabe buddy are trying to get their act together now that the nice weather is approaching, and that means tightening up their already smoking hot bods with their personal fitness center. However, after a long period of no use it needs some repair, so the girls have called over a tattooed, tough-guy looking repairman, their favorite type of guy, and after making a few little tweaks and repairs here and there this threesome decides it would be much more productive (and sexy!) to get down to the best kind of workout, a hardcore, sweat-inducing Pissing In Action drench-fucking session! These satin clad beauties are soon covered from head to toe in piss, loving every minute of their golden showers while getting fucked at the same time! There's plenty of pantyhose destruction in this update as well, as this tough guy always has to rip something up, and once they're all soaked and worn out it's time to cream some titties! George is just a regular guy trying to run a decent restaurant, but when high-class divas like Eliss Fire and Celine Noiret enter his restaurant, he knows everything has to be just perfect. Unfortunately, these two Eurobabes are feeling particularly picky today, so when they get a taste of the house wine they're completely unsatisfied. George tries to rectify the situation by offering a different bottle, but Celine is so pissed she has to leave the scene for a bit. Luckily for George, blonde babe Eliss Fire is a bit more understanding, and only requires some piss sex to make up for the inexcusable service. It turns out George is also a big fan of the pissing in action, so these two freaks get to it right on the table! After pissing and grinding for some time Celine returns, and instead of letting out her diva growl even more, she decides to join in and make it a piss threesome - these chicks know fantastic service when they see it! Lena Cova and Cindy Gold intended to embark on a totally innocent day of jewelery shopping, but as they're in the store looking over some pearls with two of the salesmen the mood begins to change as they see some of the other customers getting it on with the staff. Well, if they can do it so can Lena and Cindy, and the salesmen sure as hell aren't going to let this opportunity pass them by - to hell with the pearls! At that point it's go time, and the group gets down to piss action business right there on the couches, using the jewelery as props when needed of course! These two fully clothed babes are getting their world rocked,and Cindy Gold is definitely getting her fair share of golden shower nastiness, but as if that isn't enough, the other customers, Winnie and Lellou, end up joining in on the fun until the jewelery shop turns into one big Pissing In Action orgy! PIA, bringing your wildest piss fantasies to life! Rich bitches Morgan moon and Rachel Evans are enjoying some afternoon tea in the yard while looking their finest, and understandably, they can't take their eyes and hands off of each other. However, it turns out their also piss freaks, because instead of being proper ladies and going to the restroom to relieve themselves of the afternoon tea they decide it would be best to pee all over each other, satin blouses and fur coats be damned! All the while the yard worker has been getting hard as hell watching from the sidelines, and when he can take it no more he joins in on the fun, and these two elegant ladies are happy to take a helping hand from a blue collar stud, especially since he's also a piss freak and wants to fuck the hell out of both of them and piss all over their sexy, filthy selves! Outdoor piss fucking while looking stylish as ever, now that's a satisfying afternoon! Forecast for today: golden showers! Pepper's looking mighty fine in her white, satin blouse and seductive stockings, and with the perfect weather and a nice piece of cock sitting on the bench next to her on the porch of their summer cottage, the scene is perfectly set up for some hardcore pissing in action! If you know anything about Tainster MILF Pepper you know she's a total piss freak, and there's nothing she enjoys more than getting her expensive designer clothes drenched in urine while getting her pussy and face stuffed with cock. The feeling of wet satin clinging to her tits as she's getting rocked is simply overwhelming for this Mom I'd Like To Piss On, and Pepper's never one to shy away from getting the most out of any piss fucking opportunity that comes her way, and for this freak that means taking a stream of piss in the mouth and a shot of cum to the face! There's nothing like some summer showers to relieve the heat of the midday sun! Rachel Evans and Carmen Black are inspecting one of their new real estate developments in order to see how it's coming along, but as soon as they catch a glimpse of one of their carpenters working up a sweat in the hallway, their focus quickly turns to his cock and what they'd like to do with it. Well, seeing as how these two young professionals are so damn desirable, it doesn't take much more than some flirtatious eyes to bring the young blue-collar stud over, ready and willing to perform any other necessary tasks for his bosses. He considers himself a great carpenter, but that's nothing compared to the wood work he's about to bestow upon these two amazingly hot and kinky chicks, and seeing as how this is Pissing In Action, there's no way either of these chicks are getting out of this house before being covered in sweat, piss, and cum! PIA keeps the hardcore, piss-soaked threesomes coming at you every week! Katka and Marushka work together in a tourist office in Prague, the lovely capital of the Czech Republic. Each year, thousands of horny male tourists flock to the city in search of the country?s greatest national resource ? its beautiful women. Katka and Marushka are emblematic of the country?s many treasures. And what is more, both happen to love kinky sex. The kinkier, the better. Watch as they seduce an unsuspecting male tourist who wanders into their office looking for directions. They give him a direction, all right ? and that direction is down. He is turned on, but ultimately leaves out of fear. No matter. These girls are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. They proceed to have hot lesbian piss sex right there on the desk. They don?t even worry about getting their nice silk blouses covered in pee. They just want to get off ? that?s all they care about. Starring Christina Lee and Gioia Biel

What should have been a romantic day in the park for girlfriends Liss White and Kate Gold soon turns into a much raunchier occasion than they had originally planned. These two classy, dark-haired beauties thought they would spend the afternoon lezzing out in the park, but soon enough they notice a guy jerking off to their activities, and while this would freak out most chicks, these two call him out and insist that he join. If this isn't proof enough of their slutty ways, when they gladly take his piss all over their faces, clothes, and into their mouths within minutes, you know these girls are down to ride! Now covered in piss, these two girls fuck this dude's brains out, and Kate even opens up her asshole and lets him slide right in and fuck the shit out of her before using her asshole as his toilet. Dirty piss fucking in the park - every man's fantasy filmed in HD right here at Pissing In Action! Sharka Blue is up to her usual games by keeping her man waiting, even when they're already late for their reservation. Hell, she doesn't care, she's gonna take all the time she needs to look her best, and the world can wait on her. Truth be told, though, Sharka's always worth the wait, but she really pushes her boyfriend's limits when she decides that she'd rather stay home despite all his efforts to set up a nice evening out for them. The boyfriend is clearly upset, but considering they both look their best they can't let this moment go to waste, so the two of them go at it right there by the staircase. The boyfriend put in a lot of effort for nothing, so now he's gonna make the most of it, and that means piss fucking Sharka in her cute, satin blouse until she's completely worn out, covered in piss, and of course facialized with cum! You don't want to miss any scene with the incredible Sharka Blue! After a night of partying at the club it seems Cindy Dollar and Sharka Blue have lost their coat tickets, and the hard-ass coat guy isn't going to just hand out jackets with no proof, even if the two ladies in question are incredibly hot and looking fine in their satin outfits. No, this guy is dedicated to his job, but Sharka whispers an idea into Cindy's ear that's sure to work. All these bangin' sluts need to do is piss fuck the guy and he'll give them the whole damn rack of coats if they want! Sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, and this tough guy ain't complaining! As expected the plan goes off perfectly, with all three of these club fuckers going at it hard, ripping away at pantyhose and fucking like animals while these two chicks get completely drenched in piss! Something tells us these chicks will make it a point to ""lose"" their tickets next time they hit up this club! Lexxis Brown and her friend Lia Raw are hanging out at the bar during Lexxis' break, or at least Lexxis thinks she's on break. As it turns out her boss doesn't agree, and is pissed that Lexxis is yet again goofing around with her friend. Sheesh, just because she's hot she thinks she can do whatever she wants, and as it turns out she can when she says 'fuck work' and propositions Lia for some lesbo piss fun right there at the bar. Of course she's game, and after these two satin clad beauties have golden showered each other the boss walks back in and sees what's going on he has a sudden change of heart about slacking on the job. The girls are busted, but they certainly don't have any problem letting the boss in on their fun and getting some more hardcore pissing in action started! The boss is definitely going to need to call a cleaning crew to mop up the mess once this pissing action is done! When you come across a babe like Ally Style in a bar it's a no-brainer that you're going to clink glasses and do your best to quickly get down to business, and lucky for this guy, Ally is a total piss slut who wants nothing more than to get down to business anytime and anywhere! All the while Anabel has been watching from the bar, her pussy getting wetter and wetter, so she can't stay away for long, and soon enough this bar is turned into a piss drenched threesome! These two chicks are looking so fine in their satin outfits they hardly need to take them off while getting their fuck on, and the silky smooth material feels so fucking hot when they're doused in warm piss and clinging to their sexy, fit bodies! These chicks are completely covered in yellow wetness by the end of this scene, and Ally can't even hold her piss as she's getting her pussy rammed - check out the piss explosions now!! Leony Aprill has the rather mundane job of Sauna Safety Inspector, but today's scheduled inspection is going to prove to be anything but typical! Everything starts off normally, and the sauna seems to be in satisfactory condition, but when Leony discovers a naked guy relaxing in one the rooms, well, everything changes for this kinky (and most unprofessional...) chick! Finally stumbling upon some excitement at her job, she can't help but rub her body and fantasize as her pussy starts dripping through her pants. She doesn't have to fantasize for long, however, because she's quickly busted by the guy, and as it turns out, he's looking to make the sauna even hotter! At this point it's totally on for these two freaks, and as they quickly realize, the sauna is the perfect place for some hardcore pissing in action!! A nice, warm, golden shower in the sauna is just what the doctor ordered! Kate and her man have found themselves a lovely pissing in action participant, Rihanna, but in order to ensure that she's down with the pee lovin' they decide it would be best to blindfold her and then surprise her with a nice, long stream of that sweet piss. Well, Rihanna is certainly surprised, and a bit unsure how to take it at first, but she quickly finds herself very turned on as the piss soaks through her clothes and splashes all over her face so that she gets a nice whiff and taste of the new experience! However, the blindfold abuse isn't over, as Kate is in true form in this update, taking control and making sure that her new friend becomes totally overwhelmed with sexual pleasure before she's even able to see! Once the blindfold is pulled away the piss fuck energy only multiplies, and this kinky threesome isn't going to stop the madness until they're all covered in piss!

Vanessa is truly looking fine as hell, with a sexy satin blouse and perfect hair and make-up that make her the perfect person to piss all over! She thought she was just going to have a nice afternoon of sunbathing in the yard, but when the yard help sees absolute beauty laid out before him he does what any man would do - piss all over her! And, since this is a Eurobabe freak in Pissing In Action, she happily takes her golden shower and then offers her own! This extremely lucky dude is happy to take Vanessa's piss all over him, and from there he licks her pussy clean and they get right to the outdoor fucking! Vanessa is thrown around in several positions, and definitely sucking dick whenever she gets a chance, before she takes a creamy load to the face! Vanessa is stunning in this update, and incredibly dirty and down to fuck, so check out how she goes all out Pissing In Action! In this piss soaked update Elis Diamond and Ally Style are approached by a very forward guy who at least pretends he's into what these incredibly hot girls have to say, but of course is really interested in so much more. Lucky for him, he doesn't even have to put in much work with these ladies, because they've got a glass or two of champagne in them and a little gallery space all to themselves, so a nice conversation quickly turns into a much more interesting occasion. It turns out this guy is busting for a piss, and what do you know, these Pissing In Action chicks are all about taking a hard stream of piss all over their satin outfits, all over their faces, and right into their mouths before the fucking even begins! With an intro like that you know there's going to be an insane amount of piss fucking going on with this trio, and nobody does piss sex hotter or nastier than PIA! This dude got so lucky late one Friday night. He and his hot girlfriend Roxyn were spying on their next-door neighbor, Sarah Star. It?s not like they?re creeps and they do this on a regular basis or anything. They were just coming home from a party, were rather toasted, and since bisexual Roxyn was aware that her boyfriend had the hots for Sarah for some time, it was actually her who suggested they peep into her bedroom. When Sarah noticed her neighbors? eyes watching her, she invited them in. Once inside, it didn't take long before they were happy to get nasty with Sarah. What they didn?t know before, however, was that Sarah has a special fetish? A pee fetish. She loves nothing more than feeling hot piss all over her when she?s getting fucked ? doesn?t matter if it comes from a cock or a pussy. So a real expert initiated Roxyn and her boyfriend into the pleasures of pee sex! Klarisa is getting ready to open up her new office and she's already getting calls from potential clients. Problem is, the office space itself is still in need of repairs, and to her disgust she discovers her two laborers just drinking and smoking away, with no intention of getting their asses in gear. Klarisa's pleads for them to get the place fixed up, because she has a client coming tomorrow and the place is clearly a pig-sty, but these guys aren't going to just get moving for nothing! They start out friendly enough, rubbing and turning her on, but before she knows it these heavy drinkers are pissing all over her and banging her silly from both sides! Klarisa may be the big boss with a classy appearance, but beneath the facade she's a dirty, dirty piss lover, enjoying every second of her golden shower plowing and she especially loves getting double facialized! Lia Raw and Niki Sweet are two rich chicks with few worries in life, their biggest being which designer satin outfit to wear when chillin' by the pool. Just as they're getting comfortable and having some drinks they see a hunky guy swimming in the pool, and feeling frisky as they often do, they invite him over for a drink, of course focusing on his cock underneath his skimpy swimsuit. It doesn't take long before Lia and Niki are grabbing for his member, stroking and sucking away at it, and once the cock is out there's no turning back! The club rules state that you have to take a shower before entering the pool, so these chicks make sure to take a nice, long golden shower while working up a sweat getting fucked! They may have a harder time justifying the cum shower they get at the end of this piss action scene, but to hell with rules, hot piss fucking is a must! Lexxis Brown is looking at a new apartment and she absolutely loves the massive bathtub in the master bathroom, so much so that she just has to take off her heels and try out the empty tub. 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